Sounds From Above The Ground

“what happens when your ears are full of the city, and you can’t hear the sounds you make..”

‘sounds from above the ground’ was commissioned by Arnolfini as part of Breathing Space.
The walk mixes text, performance and live sound to create a site-responsive work that explore the relationship between sound and memory.

With a small group you follow a lone walker through the city streets, his internal monologue transmitted to your headphones. As you walk, listening to him dig into collective memory, the noise of the city is remixed live around you into glistening fragments and new layers.

In the performance the audience are given stereo wireless receivers and follow me through the city streets. I have a microphone on my chest and my backpack contains a laptop computer and stereo UHF audio transmitter. As we walk the audience listens through my ears as I speak memories and place marks in the city, while the laptop processes and remixes the surrounding ambience.

this work is available for touring

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