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schminky – a cafe based digital experience/game

Schminkywas a sound based game played on a wireless appliance in the context of the Watershed cafe in Bristol. It was developed as an experimental field trial to explore the role of pervasive computing in social spaces and how situated digital experiences might play into the way we engage with our environment.

The game is played on a handheld computing device and involves the solving of musical puzzles. The intention was to introduce something into the environment that would enhance and encourage social interaction. Consequently, the game allows users to form a group of people to play together.

Two wall mounted tablet PC’s present an audio/visual representation of the social network being constructed as groups form and play the game. These representations generate music that reflects the richness of the network connections, and indentify individuals players as orbs moving in a 3D space, connecting them to each visually if they have played together.

created in conjunction with Mobile Bristol / Hewlett Packard