live chat

Live Chat explored possible relationships between real and virtual social spaces, in which people chat, exchange ideas and flirt, where cyberspace overflows into the everyday.

In the ‘live’ context of the Arnolfini, dialogue from a chatroom was spoken face-to-face by performers. Using an adhoc wireless network the performance was video streamed across Bristol harbour to the Watershed and displayed on this website. Audience members could cross the bridge in the harbour and go to the Watershed’s Digital Cafe where they could join in the online chat while remotely viewing the performers.

[PERFORMERS – Richard Dufty + Jessica Hoffmann] [This project would not have been possible without Dani Landau. This project was my first collaboration with Uninvited Guests, this working partnership continued with ‘Schlock’ in 2004 and ‘Aftermath’ in 2006 ]