5 Replies to “he let his friend do it first”

  1. incredible finds. the miniature makes one look closer in some ways. the woman with headphones, the man talking on cell, how the figures disperse to reveal her disappearance. wow.

  2. there’s something special about still frames of passersby in british town centres. the light, the people. robert’s done some wonderful work with them, and there’s a lumière that i loved of a bagpipe player at teesart.org
    i watched with and without sound, and in full screen, and it’s just as compelling whichever way you look at it.
    i particularly like the way the camera twitches when people enter the frame. i have no idea whether it’s a conscious twitch – it seems too slight to be, but it’s like your reflex is to follow them, and i half expect you to… or like they’re piercing the surface tension of the frame by entering it, causing it to ripple.

  3. there might be some autofocus going on but its mostly key-framed motion control in final cut (to counteract my wobbly hand-held skills, shooting on mobile phones is not the easiest to keep steady!) :)

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