10 Walks

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created as part of textFestival 2006 as part of a residency with Organic Arts. ’10 walks’ explored the soundworld of a small farm in Devon as it changed in response to the crisis in UK agriculture.


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WHAT: pre-recorded soundwalk
WHEN: ongoing
As part of node.london, I presented a retrospective of soundwalks at E:VENT as part of theirThreshold locative media exhibition.

Hear an extract of the walk here –


Faced with the issues of presenting site-specific sound works in a gallery context I created a new soundwalk for the venue. The walk brought fragments of my other walks together and linked them to the E:VENT building through their relative co-ordinates. When the listener reached the roof the walk became an aural telescope, as they looked out across London towards the city they heard an editied sequence of location recordings I made on a walk from the Swiss RE building back to the gallery. The narrator was collecting sounds that didn’t have the energy to travel to the listener, and delivering the recordings as a gift.

If you would like to make this walk please download the full file below onto an MP3 player and contact Colm Lally at E:VENT to enquire about visiting to the space.

right click here to download the file (ctrl-click on a Mac)

Dirty Weather

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[ UPDATE – this walk had been made available for the mScape locative media software, visit http://www.mscapers.com to find out more ]

A mixture of location sound, processed recordings,music and narration heard on MP3 players guided listeners on a 20 min walk around the town. The narrators text was sourced from interviews with local residents, archived news stories and ‘The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’.
click below to hear an extract from ‘dirty weather’


if you would like to take the walk yourself you can download the full piece below and play it on your own MP3 player or burn it to CD for use in a portable CD player. Watchet is on the north coast of Somerset near Minehead, more information about the town and its location can be found by clicking here. Once you are in Watchet the walk starts outside the front of the library on the esplenade.

download full walk (24mb)

a take art commission – presented as part of ‘Tide and Time’
supported by ArtLife and West Somerset District Council


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schminky – a cafe based digital experience/game

Schminkywas a sound based game played on a wireless appliance in the context of the Watershed cafe in Bristol. It was developed as an experimental field trial to explore the role of pervasive computing in social spaces and how situated digital experiences might play into the way we engage with our environment.

The game is played on a handheld computing device and involves the solving of musical puzzles. The intention was to introduce something into the environment that would enhance and encourage social interaction. Consequently, the game allows users to form a group of people to play together.

Two wall mounted tablet PC’s present an audio/visual representation of the social network being constructed as groups form and play the game. These representations generate music that reflects the richness of the network connections, and indentify individuals players as orbs moving in a 3D space, connecting them to each visually if they have played together.

created in conjunction with Mobile Bristol / Hewlett Packard